Victoria Jacob

Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Victoria is fascinated to observe how life invites us to explore ever new chapters to deepen and expand. Many health journeys are these invitations to grow.

Victoria’s journey began in West Berlin, Germany. After school she worked with kids and families living in extreme poverty in and around Paris, France. She continued to do so back in Berlin as she decided to study education, anthropology and art therapy. Inspired by her yoga practice, Victoria wrote her Bachelors on art and embodiment and her Masters about the history of embodiment and the educational system. By then she was teaching in the context of an interdisciplinary research project and finished her PhD with honours on embodiment, peer culture and technology.

From this academic lifestyle in the wild years of Berlin during the Cold War, till after The Wall came down, Victoria moved to Armstrong, BC of all places to live with her shining husband, some happily un-behaving kids and all kinds of animals to root into the earth of this stunning land. She began to offer yoga and meditation classes and sessions for several healing modalities that she had gathered over the years. As Craniosacral Therapy found her, all these approaches weaved together in the biodynamic expression of emotionally integrated somatic healing, which she happens to love and adore so very much. She hopes to see you there!

“I live with stage 4 cancer and what I love about Victoria’s cranio-sacral sessions was that she wasn’t afraid to go deep with me, all the time making sure that I was doing ok as we explored and discovered together what was hiding in the dark. As each session progressed I began to discover and feel into parts of my body that I forgot were even there. With Victoria’s encouragement I was able to welcome them back and start a new relationship with these parts that so desperately wanted to be loved and acknowledged. Each session I continued to find improvement in my breathing, my strength, my aches and pains and a greater feeling of overall health. I am truly grateful for Victoria’s courage as she supported me through some real difficult stuff. I feel privileged and truly blessed to work with her!”

For specific questions about the modalities that she offers, contact Victoria directly at