Trina Devine

Devine Connection

As a soul who had gently walked this earth, I had turned down my volume and shape-shifted to accommodate the world I had unconsciously allowed to be formed around me. Music has been my soul’s voice through this journey of the human experience.  It is through sound, that I feel the deep connection within and with the greater collective.  These past few years I have been called in waves, each one stronger and more powerful than the last, to embrace my soul’s gifts, and share fearlessly.

Devine Connection was birthed through this process of unravelling, with the vision of cultivating environments that support the natural emergence of emotional intelligence. It is through safe, secure connections that allow us to be seen and held in our raw human experiences, where we can lean into the emotions (energy in motion);  to allow the energy to flow without judgment and to fully feel and experience the beauty of life.

Offering at Tidal Elements:

Devine Connection offers Soulful Sounds in co-creation with community.  Using the Innate Wisdom of Sound, in coherence with other modalities to cultivate environments of safety and to support the release and expression of stored emotions “stuck energy” in our cells.  Join Soulful Sounds for Journey’s that lead you out of your head and back in your heart.

Contact Trina directly at 250-309-6623, or email with any questions you may have.