Tracy Jacques


Tracy comes from a diverse background including her own 20+ year journey with rehabilitation and overcoming chronic pain. With this deep understanding she approaches each person with the whole body in mind as well as all the parts – mainly the nervous system. She combines traditional massage techniques including Fascial; Visceral; Lymph and Craniosacral Therapy to create better circulation, movement and decrease tension and holding patterns. Her training includes a 2 year study in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as well as a many other courses/workshops in Osteopathy; Breath; Movement & Pilates. She has attended many professional development days over the years with RMTs; Physiotherapists; Pilates Instructors; Kinesiologists; Yoga instructors; Chinese Medicine doctors; Social Workers; Osteopaths; etc. She takes a, “Whole Body & systems” view on things and includes many of the techniques she has learned along the way. The style of Craniosacral Therapy she practices is based on Osteopathy and is a “hold, listen & wait” vs. mechanical aproach. 

Tracy is an eternal student and enjoys sharing knowledge in hopes to empower her clients and to help them understand their own inner workings of the human anatomy, physiology and the nervous system. Through conversation, breath, movement and working with a person’s system as a whole she believes she can help any “body” create more ease. 

Please contact Tracy by email at as she is taking new clients on a case by case basis.