Tina Berlin

Vibrational Sound Therapy & Reiki Practitioner

Tina has dedicated her life to understanding the deeper levels of what it makes for a meaningful and desired life experience. Starting out in her early 20’s in the medical field she worked calibrating and repairing medical research equipment. This is where a new curiosity was born: “How do we change, so we can heal and live a vibrant full life?”

Through life experience, research, taking courses with masters in their fields of science, spirituality, herbalism, shamanism, living in nature, homesteading, and raising 4 children as a single parent, Tina has built  a foundation of many practical and logical  fundamental components on how we can live life to our fullest expression and embodiment. Tina loves sharing the life experience she has which brings us back to our true nature within our body, mind and spirit in harmony.

Tina loves bringing forth the ideas and concepts of living and embodying our fullest potential in our unique human experience. Using science, Shamanistic principles, sound calibration, Reiki and good old fashioned heart-to-heart connection is the focus on Tea Time With Tina. Where we will cover all the juicy details of the calibration of ourselves. See you there!

For specific questions about the modalities that she offers, please contact her directly at tina@tidalelements.ca.