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Anita Vidya

Shamanic Yoga & Teachings


My ancestry is Chipewyan Dene and Italian; situated near the Athabasca River along the North land and lakes of Alberta. My clear visions have been brewing since the early days of my youth; one vision guides me to learn and to be in a relationship directly with the spiritual knowledge of our Indigenous Spirit; one shared by the ancestors and the land. The other is to source the authentic teachings from relations across Turtle Island and beyond, and in all the worlds. Doing this work has developed a way for myself to be in reciprocity with all of our People. My ideals are to learn the traditional medicines shared by the Elders from the land and to listen intently of the oral traditions that they share. I lovingly continue on this path where I find a better way of life in this world of discernment and ceremony.

Anita is a certified Shamanic Yoga teacher trainer through the Canadian Yoga Alliance and has been teaching since 2012 and has apprenticed in Mountain Shamanism since 2014 with the Shamanic Yoga Institute. She carries a Black Stone Mesa and White stone Global Mesa through Mastery courses at the Institute. She is a Gold Canadian Yoga Alliance educator through the Shamanic Yoga Institute. Anita apprentices people in Mountain Shamanism and has taught 5 Medicine Wheels since 2020 in Ucluelet, Tofino, Nelson, the Kootenay’s and the Okanagan.
Applications for 2023 Medicine Wheel is now open.

Anita currently teaches Shamanic Yoga classes at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Anita at for more information.

Jada Fire

Founder of Wolf Kin, Dance, Yoga & Shamanic Arts


After decades of world travel, Indigenous study and discovery of the primal spirit, Jada has cultivated her own teacher training curriculums, retreats and online courses to awaken the inner healer and reclaim her divine innate integrity as a fierce feminine divine. Her passion and soul purpose is to amplify and empower you to become who you are born to be, to raise the vibration of love and joy and say yes to life, luminosity, sensuality, spirituality and the creative awakening the Earth Mother and we are so yearning for. Jada believes that our shadows are simply awaiting our transmutation and that we all have an inner alchemist. She says if you have a deep dark shadow within, then you are sitting on a gold mine. This gold mine is awaiting your transformation. Be brave and have the courage to find that we are truly love at the core. We must first feel and face the layers of armour that are ready to shed before our resilience can burn brightly in truth. Inherently strong in flesh, blood and bone, Jada was born and raised in Long Island, New York and initially learned her resilience and strength through her Italian family upbringing. She later followed an intuitive calling to explore Queensland, Australia in 1999 when she began to understand the Aboriginal arts and culture through a study abroad opportunity. The healing element of fire and the rainbow serpent became her greatest allies and today she infuses the inspiration of these primitive wisdoms into all of her offerings.

Jada currently teaches Expressive Yoga classes at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Jada at for more information.

Jeffrey Sorensen

Founder of breathARMY

jeff circle

Jeff’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower others to live to their true potential. He offers tools to break through the structures that hold us back from living and expressing that potential in the world.

Jeff has studied, mentored, and trained with some of the world’s leading breathwork and movement facilitators. Wim Hof, Patrick McKeown, Brian Mackenzie, David Shannahoff Khalsa and Jhenneviev Heartt are a few of the influences that have led to the creation of breathARMY, a unique offering of breathwork, meditation, movement and exposure to natural stressors that help us to regain our own true nature.

Jeff works with athletes, executives and professionals looking to improve their performance as well as those of all ages and walks of life looking to optimize their mental and physical health and performance. Learn more at:

Jeff is an international best selling author, works part time as a paramedic for the British Columbia Ambulance Service and resides in Kelowna, BC

Jeff currently teaches Breath Journey workshops at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Jeff at for more information.

Kylie Judge

Founder of Breath & Being

kylie judge conscious breathwork vernon bc

Kylie is passionate about feeling, breathing, and living our fullest, most vibrant lives while we have the opportunity. For her, that means it is time to get current, to recognize our trauma, feel and release it and recognize that we are not what has happened to us. We do this while opening and cultivating a healthy connection to our hearts, bodies, inner and outer worlds. This directly impacts our ability to be in healthy relationship with our own souls/authentic selves, partners, children, families, co-workers, friends, earth, and beyond. Building connections that nourish us, and ultimately guide us closer to “home”.

As an empath herself, Kylie understands what it means to feel the world and relationships deeply. She offers conscious breathwork, movement, and somatic tools because these are the supports that have and continue to help her process her feelings and experiences and keep returning to ease and grace. Learn more at:

Conscious breathwork is a gentle, safe, and extremely powerful breathing process that facilitates healing and transformation of the body, mind, and spirit. It provides access to the subconscious mind and emotional body while simultaneously offering the opportunity to let-go and let-in. As we open our hearts with breath, we expand our capacity to love and make space for new, healthy experiences.

Kylie currently offers public and private Conscious Breathwork events at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Kylie at for more information.

Leah Green

MOGA Yoga Teacher


Leah teaches Prenatal, Kids and other adult yoga classes in Vernon and Lake Country. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Oranj Kelowna in 2018. After completion, she decided to specialize in Pre and Postnatal yoga, which led her to receive her Mom & Baby and Prenatal teacher training certificates through MOGA, followed by Kids teacher training through Kidding Around Yoga.

Leah currently teaches Prenatal Yoga classes at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Leah at for more information.

Paulina Monahan

Heart Yoga Instructor, Meditation Facilitator


Paulina Monahan has been practicing yoga for 25 years. She knows at a personal level, the healing benefits of this remarkable practice for body, mind and spirit. After retiring as a music teacher (for 25 years), Paulina knew that she needed to find something that gave her meaning and purpose in life as a retired person. She believes passionately that yoga heals on many different levels. Yoga is seen by many renowned health experts as a healing modality for people suffering from depression, addiction, PTSD, anxiety, and other types of trauma. Paulina’s first course taken was in trauma informed yoga. This led to a 200 hr yoga teacher training course in Kelowna and another 200 hr teacher training course called Heart Yoga. Heart yoga is about learning to trust our hearts to lead the way, to navigate this interesting and challenging world with a fully integrated mind/heart connection. One of her favourite quotes is by Mother Theresa who said “Most of us will not do great things in this world, but we can do small things with a great deal of love”. Paulina’s classes are a blend of Bikram style yoga (which she practiced for 12yrs) some traditional hatha yoga, and a splash of Chi Gong. Followed by a 20 min. guided meditation while lying down. She says “We take what we learn on the mat….to engage with “mighty hearts” off the mat….and into the world”.

Paulina currently offers Yoga Nidra at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Paulina at for more information.

Stella Stockton

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor, Meditation Instructor, Yoga Instructor


Stella Stockton is an accomplished wellness entrepreneur with over 18 years experience. She holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree, and holds certifications as a Tai Chi instructor, Yoga teacher, Life coach, and Sound Healer. Her teaching style is warm and supportive, down to earth and fun. Learn more at:

Stella’s background includes a rare opportunity to study in a six-year traditional apprenticeship with revered Grand Master Cheng Lu, founder of the Chung Shing Kung Fu Institute in Salt Lake City UT. Stella became a certified tai chi instructor in 2003, and is honored to share this graceful and mystical art with those called to her work.

Stella currently teaches Taoist Energy Arts: Tai Chi Classes at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Stella at for more information.