Sara Wilson

Registered Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Spa Treatments

Self Care in today’s world is not a luxury it’s a necessity. In order to be at our best, we must take care of our body, mind and spirit. 

‍Before becoming an RMT, Sara worked as a Primary Care Paramedic, serving B.C. since 2005. She knows firsthand how the stress of life can build to a breaking point and create illness and dysfunction in the body. In order to serve our families and our community we must take care of ourselves emotionally and physically. Massage Therapy not only aids in the recovery from injury, but can be a major player in injury and illness prevention.

Sara graduated from OVCMT in Vernon, and continues to seek educational opportunities to upgrade her skill set. With her background as a paramedic, Sara has a deep understanding of injury, and illness, and is exceptional with orthopaedic manual therapies, nerve pain, and pain management. If you have imaging or other diagnostic testing, please bring copies to your appointment.

Sara’s treatment style is deeply therapeutic and highly effective, while offering treatments that are often listed on a spa menu. Sara offers hot and cold stone massage, which allows your tissues to soften for deep therapeutic work, Hydrotherapy to aid in circulation, Deep Tissue treatments, Lymphatic Drainage, and Swedish Massage. 

Sara is also so excited to introduce therapeutic body scrubs, warm oil scalp treatments, and Ocean or Glacial mud treatments to her offerings exclusively at Tidal Elements. Usually found in a spa, these treatments are paired with the knowledge and expertise of an RMT for maximum therapeutic benefits, leaving you feeling thoroughly cared for. The best part is all of these treatments are therapeutic and performed by an RMT so they are approved for direct billing to extended benefit plans. 

Sara is very much looking forward to helping you reach your wellness goals. For specific questions about the modalities that she offers, contact her directly at