Ross Freeman-Marsh

Registered Massage Therapist, Deep Tissue Massage, Abdominal Massage

Ross Freeman-Marsh is a Registered Massage Therapist and a graduate of OVCMT’s massage therapy diploma program.

Ross was drawn to massage therapy after an RMT helped him recover from a lumbar spine injury. He has gained experience working in spas and offering mobile massage prior to becoming registered.

Ross incorporates modalities such as swedish massage, deep tissuemyofascial release, joint mobilizations and trigger point therapy into his practice. His preferred area of practice is treatment of pain and postural distortions caused by regular day-to-day life. Treatments aim to address the discomfort and also the continual postures/activities that cause it.

Outside of the clinic, Ross enjoys exercise, and tabletop games.

“I’ve had issues with my low back for years now. Until Ross, I would baby my low back and wouldn’t allow anyone to “work” on it. It’s gone out twice on me, laying me up for a week at a time. However, Ross gained my trust with his naturally caring personality and broad knowledge of massage techniques. He suggested myofascial release for me. I was nervous and curious, but agreed anyway. It literally changed my life. My low back felt open and free afterwards. Now, when I get that tight feeling or familiar twinge, I know it’s time for a massage. Thank you Ross!”
–Jessica Harrigan

“Ross has been the best massage therapist I’ve worked with. I had a muscle injury in my hand and he knew right away how to help me. After a few sessions I was pain free and had my mobility back. He is a lifesaver.”
–Jocelyn Lukacs

For specific questions about the modalities that he offers, contact Ross directly at