Reception Team

Leslie Morris



Office Manager, Sandwich Board Artist 🎨, and Modality Matchmaker

An integral part of Tidal since 2017, Leslie is the caregiver of the group, utilizing her sociable sensitivities and inclusive insights to ensure everyone finds their flow at Tidal Elements. Not sure which modality or practitioner is most appropriate for you? Leslie will help you connect the dots to find the right fit for your unique needs. Her uncanny ability to relate with people positions her as a prime welcoming presence in our Healing Arts Clinic!

Contact Leslie at 250-306-9283 to book a session today or for specific questions about the modalities that we offer.

Emily Leduc


Events Coordinator, Keyword Curator and Social Media Manager

The heartbeat behind every detail of operations for our Healing Arts Studio, Emily comes from a background in the health & wellness and service industries. Employing a thoughtful and articulate approach she has been developing our Events Coordinator position since 2019. Her organic enthusiasm and welcoming spirit make her the perfect host for this sacred gathering space. As a highly sensitive person Emily has found great healing and growth through the many modalities offered at Tidal Elements, but her top pick would be Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

To book our space or for general inquiries into rental of the Studio, please contact Emily by email at

Christopher Wallace


Float Facilitator, Proficient Practitioner, and Word Wizard

The calm, cool, and collected one 😎 Christopher is a grounding presence in our Clinic, offering expert navigation of Tidal waters in both our Float Therapy Pod and as an attentive Practitioner. He has been a driving creative force behind the scenes since 2017, lending his love of language to countless marketing and community outreach campaigns. Ready for a deep dive into rejuvenation education? ‘Details’ is his middle name!

For any questions regarding Float Therapy, please contact Christopher by the direct Float line at 250-306-3613 or by email at

Jamie Cawston


Float Facilitator, Cleanliness Connoisseur, and Radiant Receptionist

A recent OVCMT grad, Jamie has been ebbing and flowing with Tidal since 2018. Empathetic and kind, Jamie is always someone that brightens up the Tidal world. She is dedicated to the approach of holistic self care in all forms. Her keen attention to detail provides an impeccable standard of freshness in our Float Therapy Tank and beyond. Combined with her sparkly, friendly sensibility, you’re sure to sail into your next RESTorative session awash with a sense of comfort and consideration.

For any questions regarding Float Therapy, please contact Jamie by the direct Float line at 250-306-3613 or by email at