Mary Jeffrey

Certified Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner

Mary Jeffrey has been on a life long journey of personal and spiritual growth.

“My questions in life have always been WHY and HOW and then WHAT’S NEXT to make life different and more joyful.”

Most of Mary’s career was spent in the medical field in various technical specialties. One of those was as a Surgical Technician, where she was able to see inside the body and witness the brilliance of how it works. Viewing the body from that angle, combined with the inner knowing that each individual can be treated on a more holistic level, has always fascinated her.

Mary completed Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2006 and a Mindfulness Course in 2018, fostering even more enthusiasm in her to cultivate inner awareness, emotional healing, kindness, truth seeking, and interrelating with others on a deep personal level to really be seen.

“I feel so honoured that Vibrational Sound Therapy found me. During the Summer Solstice of 2019 I experienced a sound bath with Himalayan bowls and had such a profound experience that I knew I had to find out more. Within two months of that experience I was traveling to Seattle to take the certification course. After an interruption due to COVID I am now ready to share this deeply relaxing modality.”

Mary resides in Lake Country and enjoys yoga, swimming, kayaking, biking, gardening, and traveling.

“I have heard fantastic things about sound therapy but did not expect the clarity of mind that I experienced the morning after this truly unique session. With the Tibetan bowls nestled safely on the body, the vibrations resonate directly into the system. The soothing sounds immediately inspire a deep letting go. Mary’s warm and calming presence creates a sacred space to become one with the vibrations as she mindfully guides the sound meditation. I highly recommend this session to anyone seeking deep inner calm & clear awareness.”
–Leslie Morris

“I’ve been to a number of group sound healing sessions before, but to experience a private session with Mary felt like ultra potent medicine for my mind, body and soul. My stress and pain levels were pretty high going into the session, but within a few moments I felt a sense of comfort in Mary’s presence, and the vibration and sound of the bowls noticeably melted my tension away. I left our appointment floating on cloud 9 and utterly speechless at the amount of relief I felt throughout my body. I slept like a baby that night, and would recommend a vibrational sound therapy session to anyone looking to decompress and connect back to themselves. Thank you, Mary!”
–Emily Leduc

For specific questions about Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions or the modalities that she offers, contact Mary directly at