Kate Woodall

Expressive Art Therapy Facilitator

Kate is an experienced dancer, visual artist, and uses written word to personally heal. Her passion is using expressive art therapeutically in her own life and introducing others to the powerful healing powers of creativity. Kate is merely a witness, and holds a safe space for others to explore an expressive art therapy journey.

During her own personal healing journey, she discovered creativity as a therapeutic process. This led to years of education to become an expressive art therapist. Kate has a Criminology degree from Simon Fraser University. She has facilitated many programs in prisons, addiction treatment centers, senior’s homes and hospitals. Kate attended the expressive art therapy certificate at Langara College, and level 1 and 2 at the Prairie Institute of Expressive Art Therapy in Calgary, Alberta. She has specialized training to facilitate expressive art therapy programs, with seniors with Dementia. Opening Minds through Art (OMA) specialized training, was received from Miami University and the practicum supervised by the Alzheimer’s society of Calgary, Alberta. Kate facilitated her own expressive art therapy program, “Young at heART” for 2.5 years in the Geriatric Inpatient Mental Health Unit, at Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. She also facilitated several art therapy based programs and recreation programs within seniors care homes. Kate also co-facilitated integrative drum circles for 2 years in Rockyview General.

Expressive Art Therapy:
Re-Wild Yourself by giving yourself permission to play, which leads to resilience, joy, laughter and a de-stressing adventure. Be brave and learn how to channel emotions and express yourself in a healthy way through expressive art. Let creativity heal the soul, and empower yourself through play.

See your body as a resource, paying attention to where you feel emotions in your body, and trusting your instinct when being creative. Encouraging yourself to dive into your imagination, and be curious exploring your own life story. Only you know your body, spirit and life story. It’s about taking your power back, and re-discovering your voice.

Kate’s goal is to build safe, healthy and inclusive spaces for people to heal through expressive art therapy. It’s about curiosity, exploration, and freedom to express emotions through creativity. Find your voice again, by diving into colours, and give yourself permission to play. The key for clients who suffer from a soul wound, is to admit it exists and learn how to use expressive art as a healing process to restore movement of energy. Tapping into our intuition or natural impulses can help us explore music, visual art, performance art, movement and written word.

Kate is available for one-on-one Art Therapy Sessions, as well as group sessions within our Healing Arts Studio on Mondays from 10:30am – 5:00pm and on Tuesdays from 12:00pm – 5:00pm. Feel free to check out our Events Page for the details of what she offers.

Contact Kate for more information, or to book a session with her at info@expressiveeffects.ca or call 250-541-8927.