Jody Phoenix

Studio Events Coordinator

When Katherine approached me about the opportunity to be the coordinator for the events @ Tidal Elements, it was a whole-hearted Yes! I love the vision behind the studio space; the energy that the space holds and the connection point it makes for the community to delve into healing and growth. It is such an honour to be a part of something so special here in Vernon. 

I will be the words behind the email should you reach out about the studio space. I am here to answer any questions you may have about using the space and will get you all set up in our events calendar and showcase your event in the monthly e-newsletter should you book the space with an offering. If you are interested in hosting a class / workshop at Tidal, please reach out to me via email I look forward to meeting you in person and getting to know each one of you, and your beautiful offerings for our community.

I will be holding monthly Sacred Circle Gatherings at the studio and would love to have you join me in ceremony should you feel the call to come.

Sacred Circle Gatherings

Jody is an inspirational way-finder, who has courageously navigated a health crisis following a substantial cancer diagnosis in the wake of a rattling stillbirth with severe complications. Consciously choosing to pursue meaning in her grief and illness, Jody began alchemizing her deep loss and fears into beauty, and found majestic gifts that rallied her inner reconciliations with her sense of self; coming to truly know her own worth and capacity. Jody embarked upon a passionate quest to reconnect to her Self; to unravel and release deep-rooted traumas and wounds; and to cultivate an intimate trust with the infinite wisdom of her body and to her own Divine guidance.

As a certified Health and Wellness Coach; having a degree in Women’s Studies and close to 20 years experience in Social Work supporting people through trauma, addictions, abuse, poverty and navigating through other life challenges, Jody is now showing up in her life for herself and others as a Sacred Space Holder who facilitates empowering gatherings, including Ceremonial Circles and events in the Okanagan. Walking an illuminated path of inspired action and authentic self expression, she was moved to guide others along their own personal quests of healing and journeys of self exploration, as she knows firsthand the immense value in doing one’s personal work of release and heart-opening and the way that this transforms into a reconnection with Self and others.

As an embodiment of grace, all grown from hard things, Jody eloquently guides people to reconnect to their true selves; to release stuck energies and emotions; and to open up to a renewed sense of self worth with an enhanced capacity allowing for an enhanced and aligned path forward.

She is offering regular monthly Sacred Circle’s in the Tidal Studio. These intimate gatherings involve a myriad of practices and processes; sharing and connection; rituals and expressive arts. Each Circle has a different theme that guides the flow and how it will unfold. These gatherings are a great opportunity to connect to those deeper parts of yourself while connecting with others in community who are also showing up for themselves and in a safe place where everyone is heard, supported, held and accepted. If you feel called to come and connect with like hearted individuals and grow your soul family while showing up to do your own inner healing work please join her in Circle.

Jody’s offerings will be expanding in the latter part of 2023 to include Shamanic Energy Medicine and Breathwork facilitation to further shepherd others into their own healing so watch the Events Calendar for more beautiful offerings to come.

Feel free to email Jody for more information on her Sacred Circle Gatherings.