Jada Fire

Founder of Wolf Kin
Dance, Yoga & Shamanic Arts

Jada’s Yoga Class is a Primordial Practice in that she taps into the expressive, intuitive and sentient body teachings / language to foster a deep connection with the body’s inner compass, landscape and inner knowing. She guides us in her creative process of self sourcing energy, strength, vitality, self love, and compassion. Her practice inspires the ability to embrace the body as our Oracle. The practice itself is a 75 minute journey that allows you to anchor and flow, ground the energies into balance while integrating your own clarity, ease and sensuality.

Her style of yoga is expressive as there is an emphasis on the fluid, sensual and creative current, she refers to as Shakti. Jada guides you throughout exploring various asanas, postures and still points to activate the luminous potential of the breath and the energetic field of the body. Her yoga is unique and touches on the primal aspects of the animal body and she speaks to how the different archetypes live in us as we move and breathe.

This practice is open to beginners and can be gentle, although moving slowly is powerful and therefore you can find your edge in this practice to embody fulfillment. Jada coined her practice as Expressive Yoga in 2001 in Las Vegas where she birthed this practice in her community. Jada has offered and led 8 years of teacher training programs in her original Expressive Yoga Dance methodology.

Feel free to reach out to Jada directly to inquire more about her offerings, private one to one journeys, retreats and shamanic healing arts.

Contact Jada at 778-212-3284 or email at jada@wolfkin.com for more information.