Some kind words from visitors to our Healing Arts Clinic & Studio in downtown Vernon…

“Tidal elements is a beautiful, clean and quiet space that offers grounded and empowering classes of all kinds with amazing teachers, kind helpful staff and generous price exchange. I recommend this space to any teachers looking for a perfect space that easily fits 20 and/or to anyone looking for practices to explore the inner dimension of awakening and healing. Highly recommended!” ~Robin Clements, Breathwave Senior Trainer

“Walking into Tidal Elements, I could feel the healing energy. Previously, I have had life-changing cranial sacral sessions. Most recently, I experienced the Float Tank. A total rejuvenation! I felt old injuries were given a chance to heal, and the peacefulness was out of this world. I came out a new person ready to tackle the world. Highly recommended!” ~Kala Star

“Stepping into this space has an immediate grounding effect for me. I love ‘being’ there. I’ve experienced deep healing at Tidal – Relaxation Massage, Cranial Sacral, Crystal Bowls, Dance … such a beautiful array of practitioners & services. Love this community. Love the Tidal family.” ~Sandra Karn

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

“I have been to many RMTs over the years. Lani is patient, listens, and takes such time & care to find the areas to work on, explaining exactly what she is doing every step of the way and checking in to confirm I am doing alright during treatment. I feel so fortunate to have found her!!” ~Laurisa D.

“Zabrina has been and is the best therapist I have had. She welcomes questions and freely shares information that assisted in improving my health. Her knowledge of Lymphatic drainage massage has greatly reduced the fluid in my left arm. I also have her do reflexology once a month , which has improved my IBS symptoms to the point that I am able to eat all foods! I can not shout my praise enough for how Zabrina has helped me”
-Shirley R, “a 73 year old that had a lot to live for”

“Tidal Elements offers a very COVID 19 safe experience. Rio is an excellent RMT. Looking forward to trying the new Float Therapy.” ~Liz Miller

“Thai Massage in Vernon!? Divine! I have always been curious about this unique treatment of acupressure and passive yoga movements, what a combination! In addition to feeling completely stretched out, Christopher’s attentiveness helped me to reconnect with my own framework. I will definitely be revisiting for another session or two. Fabulous experience, highly recommended. 5 stars!” ~Leslie M.

Craniosacral Therapy

“If I had one thing—one modality to recommend to anyone who has had a brain injury and is on the journey to recovery,  it is biodynamic craniosacral therapy. The gentleness of the therapy is so unique in the way it allows a spaciousness in your nervous system for change to occur. It supports health on a deep level that ignites your own body’s healing, and brings you into a place of balance and awareness of how to be your own best support through the healing process. I committed to becoming a practitioner of the modality after experiencing first-hand how much it helped me on my own journey with post-concussion syndrome.” ~Karen Schneider, RMT

“Tidal Elements is a very special place in Vernon. I have had several sessions with Victoria, who is a gifted biodynamic cranio-sacral therapist. Each session has been life changing and I highly recommend her.” ~Shannon Wylie

“I live with stage 4 cancer and what I love about Victoria‘s cranio-sacral sessions was that she wasn’t afraid to go deep with me, all the time making sure that I was doing ok as we explored and discovered together what was hiding in the dark. As each session progressed I began to discover and feel into parts of my body that I forgot were even there. With Victoria‘s encouragement I was able to welcome them back and start a new relationship with these parts that so desperately wanted to be loved and acknowledged. Each session I continued to find improvement in my breathing, my strength, my aches and pains and a greater feeling of overall health. I am truly grateful for Victoria‘s courage as she supported me through some real difficult stuff. I feel privileged and truly blessed to work with her!” ~DK