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Energy Light Healing


Energy Light Healing is born out of an understanding of the form and function of the energy body, and the practitioners intuitive ability to facilitate healing and integration within the energy field. Special attention is given to the Aura, Chakra system, Nadi system, Vayu’s, and the unique energetic signature of the individual undergoing treatment. The energy body is like a sea of energy within the greater ocean of universal energy. Likening the Aura to a sea of energy, the Chakra’s are the main vortices directing current flow, the Nadi’s are the currents and the Vayu’s are different movements of the flow within that system. This flowing field of energy is an interface between the physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual in relation to their environment. This energy system is harmonized through the practice of Energy Healing.

The Energy Light Healer uses hands on and hands off energy channeling techniques. They may also incorporate various shamanic techniques, including chanting, dousing, the use of plant or crystal energies and ritual to promote healing. It is a subtle yet potent form of healing that works to restore the fluid functionality of the energies within the body and being.

60 minute – $110

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Pronounced “Ray-Key” is a Japanese word for “Universal life-force energy.” This relaxation technique uses a light laying-on-of-hands for balancing, healing, and harmonizing the flow of energy through the chakras or energy centers. Reiki can assist the body’s natural ability to heal itself and can also be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness or growth.

Intuitive hands on and off the body scan for imbalances and/or disharmony within the energy systems of the body. A Reiki session is deeply relaxing and feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. You may experience sensations of heat, tingling, an overall sense of warmth, tranquility and comfort which allows you to deeply relax your mind, assisting your body’s innate healing wisdom. Reiki fills you with divine, warm, healing energy and flows through a sick or unhealthy area, breaking up any stagnant energy that isn’t serving in the person’s best interest. Reiki helps by washing away any negative thoughts or feelings that get lodged in the unconscious mind/body. These unconscious thoughts and feelings can cause us the greatest problems, as we are usually unaware that they even exist, even though we can feel the symptoms of their disharmonies: such as depression, sadness, anxiety, fatigue, anger and pain. Reiki creates a healthy flow of energy within your body, leaving you feeling charged, aligned, strong, confident, and balanced in mind, body and spirit.

60 minute – $110
90 minute – $125

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Vibrational Sound Therapy

With Vibrational Sound Therapy time is suspended as you enter into sound and vibration that relaxes your body and mind.

During a session the client is on a massage table fully clothed and the Himalayan bowls are placed directly on the body (e.g. the shoulders, sternum, abdomen, down the back and legs) or, if more appropriate, near the body.

Most clients start to relax as soon as the session begins. VST activates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress, and in this relaxed state it allows the body to repair itself. With our body being about 70% water, the vibration can penetrate deeply into our tissues. This vibration eases tension in the muscles, and as the saying goes “the issues are in the tissues“ so it has the potential to allow some emotional healing to bubble up to be released.

Those who undergo a state of deep relaxation often report a feeling of mental freshness that they carry with them after the session is over. You may feel the effects for up to 72 hours.

VST is often used for the following:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Raising focus and gaining a clear mind
  • Improves Sleep
  • Quickly introducing deep meditative states
  • Balance Emotions
  • Easing blockages and tension
  • Provides Deep Relaxation for your body and mind

After a session, plan to be in a quiet, relaxed environment. Maybe take a nap, or have an epsom salt bath and drink water to help eliminate any toxins that may have been released. Avoid technology and any stimulating food, beverages or alcohol.

60 minute – $90

For specific questions, Email:

Mary Jeffrey –

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