Manual Osteopathic Therapy (MOT)

Manual Osteopathic Therapy uses hands-on skills for investigation and treatment of body dysfunctions. Osteopathic techniques include Craniosacral, Visceral, Fascial, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Muscle Energy Techniques. Your Practitioner will assess your body, which includes observation of posture and providing special tests to determine what treatment is most indicated. Then a hands-on treatment will be provided. Generally the client is dressed in shorts and a tank top. The Practitioner typically moves the client into different positions such as sitting, lying face up, face down, or on their side while providing the therapy.

Imbalances found are gently treated with techniques that engage the dysfunctional tissue until function is normalized. Joints are mobilized by muscle-resisted techniques, soft-tissue is restored to healthier states. Fluids are released from congested areas and gently flushed in the direction of drainage. Changes are often felt immediately or shortly after the treatment.

Relieve long standing symptoms:
Manual osteopathic therapy techniques have been known to completely resolve chronic symptoms in patients who have sought help everywhere.

Extended Medical Benefits:
Manual osteopathic therapy allows patients to tap into their Manual Osteopathic health benefits. The majority of insurance companies and health spending accounts recognize services offered by Manual Osteopathic Therapists.

Billable companies may include the following, be sure to check with your provider to confirm your coverage of this specific service.

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