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Body Ascension Breath Workshop

May 31, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




Join us in this profound healing transcendent experience. Individual experiences vary from awakening ones consciousness, visions & journeys with spirit guides, loved ones/pets, source connection, emotional residue lifted and neutralized. Expand beyond the mind into your true self expression

Prepare to access your fullest potential. Allow your intentions for healing, releasing and creating to permeate your fields with this powerful activation. You will be lying on a mat with your heart chakra open by lying on a pillow. You will learn the three specific breath patterns; Double Helix, Mother Wave & Natural Spirit Connection. We provide safe supportive space for your assimilation with use of: toning, sound, movement, balance, opening chakras, and applied acupressure points. (*Note* This is not a meditation or yoga class.)

AWAKEN inner vitality, passion, aliveness and total self-love, RECEIVE crystalline clarity of vision and creative inspiration for life path goals/ spiritual guidance
RELEASE tension, stress, frustration, anger, suppressed emotional issues, limiting beliefs
ALLOW forgiveness and acceptance at deeper levels for self and others,
INTEGRATE body-mind-heart-spirit, opening and connecting to one’s fullest potential self.
BLISS out in a safe and deeply peaceful state of energetic balance and harmony.

I will be gifting energy charged crystals to those who participate

Payment can be sent by email to maryswaves@yahoo.ca

$55 Heart Exchange – Must RSVP to save your spot.

More In depth………

This class is very experiential, and transformative. From the very beginning participants are instructed to fill out the our form which sets their intentions for healing, releasing & creating. Next they set up their stations where they’re required to be in proper position, lying on their back with pillow under their upper chest (opening up the heart chakra and assisting breath). We begin coaching the double-helix breathing which begins to open up all the chi meridians and widen these pathways as Prana begins to flow. Much is released, emotionally, mentally, and physically with the beautiful sounds in the music that we will be playing to enhance this experience.

I further facilitate this process with opening up each of the 7 chakras for each participant As well use specific acupressure points along the meridian lines for deeper release from within (this is very individual and unique for each participant). Toning will also assist in the breakup of heavy residual energies held in the field and body. All this assists in the expansion of consciousness, and releasing contraction.

As we move into the Motherwave breath, participants flow deep within their True-Self expression – experiencing themselves as a Divine Being, opening up to soul guidance, and many other profound inner experiences. This incredible experience flows easily into the natural Breath. Much spiritual experience and expansion takes place with Body Ascension Breath.

This is not a guided meditation, or explanation or training. Body Ascension Breath is a very profound healing transcendent experience. Individual experiences vary from awakening ones consciousness – visions and journeys with spirit guides – loved ones/pets – source connection – feeling the weight of emotional residue lifted and neutralized – the expansion beyond the body into your true self expression.

Blankets are necessary as in the latter part of the Breath the body cools down sometimes significantly. And the Breath is all done by open-mouth, hence then need for water, also with releasing we have to recommend a large intake of water as a lot of toxins will be released by the body.


May 31, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Marianne Johnson


Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio
3410B 31st Avenue
Vernon, British Columbia V1T 2E6 Canada
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