Trauma Informed Somatic Intelligence (TISI)
for RMT’S & Manual Clinicians

Course Description:

A remarkable opportunity to learn how to embody your nervous system in a new way in an intimate, experiential class immersive.  This 70 hour continuing education course is designed for massage therapists and manual clinicians to bring a trauma informed lens to their practice and give them the practical somatic skills to integrate that this understanding into their work.

You will gain an understanding of the physiology and the neuro-psychology of self regulation and the effects of trauma on these systems, and also learn to recognize symptoms of trauma, and how to use that understanding to create safer and more effective treatments with your clients.

This course offers a strong experiential component to develop the essential and practical skill of accessing right brain to right brain communication with others from a felt sense of yourself.

This somatic intelligence is a skill that will set you apart as a therapist who deeply understands the experience of the nervous system and can work safely within a trauma informed framework in a compassionate and effective way.


Online Classes:
Understanding the concepts for being a trauma informed therapist

Module 1:
Bringing trauma informed approach to the self through somatic sensing

Module 2:
Using somatic intelligence to understand trauma and work within scope of practice

Module 3:
Direct techniques for working with clients trauma within co-regulation


A minimum of 2 years experience working in the field as professional healthcare clinician or approval from instructors upon their discretion.

Schedule for Vernon
In Person dates at Tidal (9:30-5pm Friday to Sunday )
Module 1 – Oct 6,7,8
Module 2 – Nov 3,4,5
Module 3 – Dec 8,9,10

Online Zoom supervision dates on these Wednesday at 6-8pm
Sept 27th, Oct 18th, Nov 15th, Dec 20th


Program Fees: 

Full program in one payment is for $4,850 + tax.

* Early Bird Pricing & Payment Plan Options are available!

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