Somatic Affective Talk and Touch Training Program

somatic affective talk and touch training program vernon bc

Comprehensive Training Program in Canada

Welcome to the Somatic Affective Talk and Touch Approach. The bodymind therapeutic synthesis that occurs at the confluence of talk and touch. When talk and touch are combined with awareness, there is a depth of understanding that is physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and intellectual.

Who is the SATT Training Program for?

If you are familiar with touch:

You are a practitioner who primarily uses touch in your work, and feel that you are missing the skill to know what to say when your client is emotional.

  • Massage therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Cranio Sacral Practitioners, Yoga Instructors…


If you are comfortable with talk

You are a therapist who primarily talks with your client, however, you can see that they are holding something in their body and you just don’t know how to help them access that body message.

  • Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Nurses, Health Care Workers, Somatic Experiencing Practitioners…


This training program speaks to you.

You are in a profession and wanting to add to your knowledge and you are looking for something “outside the box” which is grounded in science and experience.

somatic affective talk and touch training program vernon bc

About the SATT Approach

Somatic = relating to the body
Affective = moods, feelings, attitudes
Talk = speech
Touch = contact
Approach = perspective

People have physical and emotional patterns that are interlinked in the bodymind. To address one without the other, leaves half the circle open and a pendulum that continues the pattern. Utilizing talk and touch, the practitioner can guide their client to complete a pattern and introduce a new possibility of comfort and ease.

SATT talk is simple and effective. The words and phrases come from the bodymind of both client and therapist. Discovering words that comfort is a key element of SATT talk. Sometimes the body remembers while the mind “forgets” and SATT fills in these memory gaps so that the client can live in the present and heal the past.

Touch is a foundation of the work because there is the basic sense in our cellular memory right from conception. Our primal instinct is that touch is nurturing. Through touch, cellular memory can bring to the surface comfort and caring. SATT builds a bridge to increase a sense of comfort and wellness by releasing old memories and bringing an awareness of the here and now.

There is no diagnosis or fixing, in this approach, because the fundamental belief is that everyone is as well as they can be, at any given time. There is simply an exploration of what is and what could be. Awareness brings the possibility of choice and the client determines their direction of change.

The training program is about how to work with people in a way that deepens their connection to themselves and offers them a way to expand into themselves. There is a  therapeutic synthesis that happens when talk and touch are combined that is beyond what only talk or touch can access.

The training is developed for professionals in the field of health and wellness to provide additional tools that will increase their current scope of practise. Practitioner awareness and self care are vital aspects of this approach.

Gilly Thomas developed SATT to address the gap that exists when there is talk and no touch (mind) and when there is touch and no talk (body). This holistic approach is based on western medical science and eastern belief, through integration of alternative therapies.


What would be the benefit for you to take this training?

You will learn a different way to incorporate both talk and touch with your client. Simple, clear, supportive and present. The manner of touch and the words expressed are simple and in the present moment.  It can take years to master “simple”, unless you are taught the basics and have an opportunity to practise.

If you are dedicated to working with people and bring change to their lives then this training program will give you new tools to integrate in how you practise your profession.

Acceptance to the program will be made on a case by case basis.

View the Training Schedule here. In-person classes begin in early 2022.

Info Session & Workshop

Join us at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio on Saturday Nov. 6th for an introduction to the 2 year program.

Saturday (10 am – 4 pm) morning and afternoon look at theory and practical experience to do with both talk and touch. There is an opportunity for hands on implementation of the tools. Cost is $135 for the day, or $98 for the Early Birds.

In this Approach, self awareness and self care for the practitioner is as important as working with the physical and emotional needs of the client. Participants will gain insight and learn how to bring a new level of somatic and affective awareness to life and professional practises.

The SATT Approach can bring about deep and lasting change. This is a new modality, created by integrating and simplifying a variety of bodymind methods, by Gilly Thomas, who has been working with wellness for over 20 years.

Covid Protocol will be in place, which includes a limited number of participants. Register now to guarantee your place.

Location: 3410-B 31 Ave, Downtown Vernon – access through the large wooden door in the parking lot.

Parking is free after 6pm on Weekdays. Metered street parking is limited to 2 hours on Saturdays, so we suggest parking in the Parkade located just 2 blocks East of Tidal Elements at the corner of 31 Ave & 33 St.

*Info Sessions also available in Vancouver BC, and Jasper AB, see the SATT website for more info.

SATT Training Program starting in early 2022