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Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation

Each month around the New Moon

Therese LaForge leads an evening of deep healing sounds.

Crystal bowls are amplifiers, giving us an opportunity to activate our intentions & our goals.

Join us for this private, relaxing and rejuvenating sound bath.
Be sure to bring a mat, water bottle, and any cushions or blankets you need to be comfortable during the 90 minute sound journey.

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For more information and to register contact Therese Laforge via email at or phone/text at 778-471-5598


Breath Circles with Kylie Judge

pranayama workshop vernon bc

An invitation to come together, in a loving and supportive space and welcome connection, as we open into our breath and the beyond.

With breath and body as our guides, we will open into the mystery of what is unfolding. Every inhale, a opportunity to receive aliveness, support and connection. Every exhale, an invitation to surrender, to release and create space for something new.

This is a journey of curiosity and grace, woven together with the deepest love.


Conscious breathing is a powerful tool that can help quiet the mind, calm the nervous system and connect body, heart, and spirit. By engaging a circular, connected breath pattern over a prolonged period of time – we can release stuck energy and emotion, complete experiences in a supportive space, relieve tension patterns in the body, reduce stress and anxiety, and experience deeper levels of connection overall.

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For more information and to register contact Kylie Judge via email at or visit her website

Breath Journeys with Jeffrey Sorensen

We will use the power of our breath to explore and connect to the temple of our mind, body and soul using a variety of breathing techniques along with movement and sound.

Participants often experience deep insight, release and clarity of direction during these sessions. They are open to all those over the age of 18 years who are of sound body and mind. Those who have pre existing medical or medical conditions would want to check with their doctor before engaging in these techniques.

Jeff is the founder of breathARMY. His mission is to educate, inspire and empower people to live to their true potential. He offers tools to break through the structures that hold us back from living and expressing that potential in the world.

Jeff has studied, mentored and trained with many of the world’s leading experts in breathwork and movement. Wim Hof, Brian Mackenzie, Patrick McKeown, Jhenneviev Heartt and David Shannahoff Khalsa are a few of the influences that have led to the creation of breathARMY, a unique offering of breathwork, movement modalities, meditation and exposure to nature and natural stressors that help us to reconnect to our true nature. Jeff is certified in The Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage, Buteyko Breathing, Nai’a Integrative Breathwork, has studied classical and advanced kundalini pranayama and is a registered 500 hr yoga teacher.

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For more information and to register contact Jeffrey Sorensen via email at or visit his website



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