Laffing Mooon Qi Gong

Mondays 6:30-7:30pm

Session 1:

Meditation and exercise will increase blood flow, oxygen flow and lymphatic flow. And

it is not very difficult to do.

One technique is called “Laughing Qi Gong.” We can activate the glands, circulatory

and lymphatic systems by conscious directed laughing. The purpose of the Thymus

gland is to manufacture killer T Cells or T lymphocytes that act to prevent cancer cells

from spreading in the body. And all we need to do is laugh to activate them. This also

expands the diaphragm that helps distribute more oxygen.

By laughing, the Aorta and Vena Kava pump more blood throughout the body, thereby

helping to relieve the heart and lungs from working so hard. Laughing also stimulates

the Lymphatic system in the abdomen to produce more lymphocytes and circulate the

lymph so that it moves more freely within the body. If the lymphatic system is not

working correctly or clogged with impurities, then we open ourselves up to various

diseases in which cancer is the worst. There are many lymph ducts connected to the

intestines. So if we are not careful as to what we ingest, then that could also cause

trouble to the lymphatic system.

The Spleen, the most important organ of the lymphatic system, along with the bone

marrow, produces Lymphocytes (white blood cells) that are essential for immunity

against different disease. The lymphatic system is also known as the immune system.

Healthy bones are very important too. The intestines connected with the circulatory

system take these Lymphocytes and change them into B-Lymphocytes that create

antibodies against specific foreign organisms and bacteria. So by doing a belly laugh,

we help the immune system to stimulate production of the B-Lymphocytes. We have

heard that “laughter is the best medicine.” This Taoist way to good health has been

practiced for thousands of years and we have seen that Taoists masters have lived

healthy lives well into the 100’s and beyond.


Renewing Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

Mondays 7:30-8:30pm

Session 2:

Laffing Moon Qigong – A non-violent and non-overburdening exercise, simultaneously

providing rest and exercise, easily adaptable to any condition and encouraging

development of the body’s innate strengths and abilities in a natural way.

As your outer body is only slightly moved, all the internal organs settle, while all

metabolic functions increase. This develops movement within non-movement, that is,

unhindered internal activity and movement within external stillness.

It may appear as if you are doing nothing; the body is really engaged in a process of

physical activity. While quieting the mind and regulating respiration, you are reducing

stress, relaxing the cerebral cortex and rejuvenating the central nervous system. You

are also working muscles by virtue of maintaining an isometric posture wherein the

knees and elbows are bent through the simple movements.

This elevates heart rate without overtaxing the heart, improves circulation of blood and

oxygen throughout the body and increases metabolic functions while releasing toxins

and tension from the body.

The simple movements that you will be practicing with a guided meditation will focus

on three elements to improve your well-being: Firstly, you will focus on balancing and

cleansing the cellular structure of your body. Secondly, you will focus on recreating

with your mind the perfect body as a template for the physical to draw upon. Then,

create the perfect earth environment of support for your mindful body creation to exist

in. Thirdly, you will nourish all cells in your physical body with universal energies.


Braden Karringten

QiGong Facilitator

For 30 years my path has led me to explore and discover alternative health options for longevity.  Six years ago I discovered a new form of

QiGong called “Spring Forest” and was intrigued by the simplicity of this form of energy movement.  After certifying I began sharing this moving meditation with many groups.  The beginning of 2016 I felt the urge to create a program that would incorporate two energy movements that would be very simple to perform and adjust to the west coast energies of

North America.  Laffing Mooon QiGong was born for the benefit of all ages with the focus of two sessions 1. laughing  2. moving meditation..


Please feel free to call Braden at 250-503-7658 or email karring10@hotmail.com to ask questions about his classes.