Studio Facilitators

Alexis Raposo

Meditation Guide

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Alexis got her start volunteering her healing touch in a relaxation meditation group for cancer patients and their caregivers. After years of enjoying helping the patients relax she knew she wanted to do this type of work as a career path. Not really knowing where to start she enrolled in Reiki training and over the next few years endeavored to complete all levels to become a Reiki Master. Still in search of the perfect program to hone her skills she then completed 2 levels of Therapeutic Touch, and eventually ending up in the Mindscape program where she learned how to use her psychic gifts of clairvoyance, expand upon her other intuitive talents, and begin to visualize energy work. Alexis has since developed her skills as a Channel and has been able to connect with other interdimensional beings.

Alexis now offers distance 1 on 1 meditations that are tailored to each individual, either with a recording (which is highly enjoyed because you can revisit your session again and again), on the phone, or via video call. These sessions create a magical space for you to escape to while honing in on a specific intention. During the meditation Alexis offers energy work through her Mindscape – the results are a peaceful, affirmative session and some people even say it feels as though she is right there with you. Learn more at:

Alexis currently hosts Meditation energy groups at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio, each month choosing a theme and guiding the participants into an imaginative dimension while also carrying out energy work through Mindscape and offering light hands-on touch (when appropriate). For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Alexis at for more information.


Amy Skinner, RYT

Registered Yoga Teacher

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Amy is an intuitive that leads with love, planting seeds of insight and light in the world around her as she flows. Her sensitive nature has always noticed shifts in energy and learned through trial and error how to use this as her own personal compass. By bridging the gap for herself, understanding first hand how empowering your own mind body connection can be, she faciliates this for others to have their own experience and uplevelling as well.

Learning how to navigate life’s turbulances, unlearn some childhood and societal conditing, all the while laughing till her cheeks hurt, she continues to be in awe of this human form. Her greatest desire has always been to use her wounds as wisdom in order to show those who may relate, a way out of the subconscious cycles. Conscious living has made life brighter for Amy, releasing old habits, noticing the vibrancy of everyday moments, she extends compassion for the healing processes as she’s been there and continues to be in newfound layers.

Amy currently uses her intuition, pairing it with the practice of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound Therapy and Journaling to help you bridge the gap of your own mind body connection. She will soon be adding Reiki & Energy Readings to her list of intuitive offerings. Learn more at:

Amy currently teaches Yoga classes and workshops at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Amy at for more information.


Jeffrey Sorensen

Founder of breathARMY

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Jeff’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower others to live to their true potential. He offers tools to break through the structures that hold us back from living and expressing that potential in the world.

Jeff has studied, mentored, and trained with some of the world’s leading breathwork and movement facilitators. Wim Hof, Patrick McKeown, Brian Mackenzie, David Shannahoff Khalsa and Jhenneviev Heartt are a few of the influences that have led to the creation of breathARMY, a unique offering of breathwork, meditation, movement and exposure to natural stressors that help us to regain our own true nature.

Jeff works with athletes, executives and professionals looking to improve their performance as well as those of all ages and walks of life looking to optimize their mental and physical health and performance. Learn more at:

Jeff is an international best selling author, works part time as a paramedic for the British Columbia Ambulance Service and resides in Kelowna, BC

Jeff currently teaches Breath Journey workshops at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Jeff at for more information.


Kylie Judge

Founder of Breath & Being

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Kylie is passionate about feeling, breathing, and living our fullest, most vibrant lives while we have the opportunity. For her, that means it is time to get current, to recognize our trauma, feel and release it and recognize that we are not what has happened to us. We do this while opening and cultivating a healthy connection to our hearts, bodies, inner and outer worlds. This directly impacts our ability to be in healthy relationship with our own souls/authentic selves, partners, children, families, co-workers, friends, earth, and beyond. Building connections that nourish us, and ultimately guide us closer to “home”.

As an empath herself, Kylie understands what it means to feel the world and relationships deeply. She offers conscious breathwork, movement, and somatic tools because these are the supports that have and continue to help her process her feelings and experiences and keep returning to ease and grace. Learn more at:

Conscious breathwork is a gentle, safe, and extremely powerful breathing process that facilitates healing and transformation of the body, mind, and spirit. It provides access to the subconscious mind and emotional body while simultaneously offering the opportunity to let-go and let-in. As we open our hearts with breath, we expand our capacity to love and make space for new, healthy experiences.

Kylie currently offers public and private Conscious Breathwork events at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Kylie at for more information.


Leah Green, RYT

MOGA Yoga Teacher


Leah teaches Prenatal, Mom & Baby, Kids and other adult yoga classes in Vernon and Lake Country. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Oranj Kelowna in 2018. After completion, she decided to specialize in Pre and Postnatal yoga, which led her to receive her Mom & Baby and Prenatal teacher training certificates through MOGA, followed by Kids teacher training through Kidding Around Yoga.

Leah currently teaches Mom & Baby Yoga and Prenatal Yoga classes at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Leah at for more information.


Megan Caleo

Sound Healer

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Megan has always been drawn towards a spiritual way of living and mind body connection. As a young adult Megan knew that she needed to make some deep-level changes in her own world and looked to the universe for the tools to do so. Reiki was the first step in Megan’s spiritual journey, from the very first session she received she knew that Reiki would be a continued part of her life. She completed her Reiki Master training in 2015. Through the completion of this training Megan recognized more fully her natural gifts for tapping into the universal energy to help support herself and others in their healing journeys. This led Megan to explore other healing modalities to build her holistic approach.

Megan has completed her Access Bars/ Access Consciousness Certification from Lasya Healing Centre in 2014, Akashic Record Reading Certification from Soul-Genesis in 2015, Reflexology Therapy training from Edwards and Halloway in 2015, Intuition Workshop from Your Souls Path in 2016, Raindrop Therapy Certification in 2016, Crystal Healing Power of 3-Level 3 in 2016, 200-hour Yoga (Kripalu Yoga lineage) Certification in 2017, and 40-hour Sound Healing from the Institute of Traditional Medicine in 2019. Megan uses a variety of these healing modalities to help others obtain their holistic health and spiritual wellness goals. She is a passionate healer with a unique approach and is dedicated to helping others in the most natural way.

Megan currently offers Sound Journey Meditation workshops at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Megan at for more information.


Stella Stockton, B. Div.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor, Meditation Instructor, Yoga Instructor



Stella Stockton is an accomplished wellness entrepreneur with over 18 years experience. She holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree, and holds certifications as a Tai Chi instructor, Yoga teacher, Life coach, and Sound Healer. Her teaching style is warm and supportive, down to earth and fun. Learn more at:

Stella’s background includes a rare opportunity to study in a six-year traditional apprenticeship with revered Grand Master Cheng Lu, founder of the Chung Shing Kung Fu Institute in Salt Lake City UT. Stella became a certified tai chi instructor in 2003, and is honored to share this graceful and mystical art with those called to her work.

Stella currently teaches Taoist Energy Arts: Tai Chi Classes at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio. For current class information please visit our Events Calendar.

Feel free to contact Stella at for more information.