Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio

Tidal Elements Studio space is available to rent for many different kinds of events:

– Workshops
– Presentations
– Group Events
– Group Healing Sessions
– Private Classes
– Ongoing Group Exercises (like yoga, meditation, qi gong etc.)
– Programs
– Artistic Gatherings
– Expressive Arts Shows

For any other creative ideas you may have that bring our community together, our Studio may be made available to you. We are proud to have hosted many beautiful healers, artists and a wide array of people doing otherwise wonderful and inspiring work.

To book the studio for an event, or to become one of our featured artists, contact our Events Coordinator, Elyse Curial at: tidalelementsevents@gmail.com

Visit our Events Page for our current schedule.

Studio Facilitators

Elysia Raimondo

Twin Heart Meditation


Elysia’s love for everyone’s health and well-being comes to life as she facilitates Meditation on Twin Hearts. Master Choa Kok Sui (Elysia’s much loved and respected spiritual teacher) created this simple yet advanced guided meditation for all of us wanting to achieve planetary peace and illumination. Positive benefits can be experienced almost immediately making it a great way to include spiritual development in our fast-paced society.

Feel free to contact Elysia at 250-938-1641 or email elysiaraimondo@gmail.com to ask questions about Twin Hearts Meditation.

Carl Raw Ross

Twin Heart Meditation


Carl actively studies Pranic Healing and the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui. He assists Elysia with their common goal to facilitate Meditation on Twin Hearts in Vernon.
Carl has an inexhaustible mental drive to understand diet, lifestyle, spiritual and mental development. He is working on creating some fun opportunities and will keep us posted throughout his advancements.

Pauline Monahan

Yoga Nidra Facilitator


Pauline is a certified Trauma Yoga teacher and a Kripalu Yoga teacher, as well as a Yoga Nidra teacher. She also holds an ARCT degree in piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto.
She guides the yoga nidra classes in the Tidal Elements Studio. These nidra sessions have been referred to as “yogic sleep”: a deeply restful and rejuvenating experience with many health and wellness benefits.

Feel free to contact Pauline at email paulinemonahan@shaw.ca to ask questions about the yoga nidra class.

Rachel Wyatt
(formerly Martens)

Yoga Instructor


Rachel is currently on Maternity leave, and will be returning to teach yoga in the New Year of 2019.

Rachel’s classes create a nurturing space where slowing down and tuning-in to the rhythm of the breath encourage relaxation and healing. Her teaching aims to restore the unity of mind and body, helping students learn how to observe and unwind habitual patterns. Rachel began practicing yoga and meditation in 1998 and has been teaching yoga since 2009. Two decades of consistent practice make her a dynamic and intuitive teacher who attends to the unique process of each individual student. Beginners will feel welcome and will be clearly guided through a well-rounded sequence with detailed alignment cues and gentle hands-on adjustments. Rachel sings for her students at the end of each class.

Before becoming a yoga teacher Rachel was a performing artist and a clown in the circus. In 2003 she traveled to Mysore, India to study Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. In 2009, she completed a 200hr teacher training in Ashtanga with Rameen Peyrow, in 2011: a 200hr teacher training in Anusara with Chris Chavez, as well as a Restorative teacher training with Chris Manansala. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Performance from UBC Okanagan and currently runs a Performing Arts Program (for boys & girls ages 7 to 16) at the Vernon Community Music School. She is studying Spacial Dynamics (movement therapy and movement education) with Jaimen McMillan. Rachel enjoys a daily practice of Vipassana meditation and loves gardening and living in her home town with her husband.

You’re welcome to contact Rachel at 778-212-9642 or email rachelwyatt100@hotmail.com to ask questions about her yoga classes.

Sharon Van Buuren

Meditation Facilitator

Sharon Van Burren

Sharon Van Buuren was born in Sri Lanka, a Theravadan Buddhist country to Catholic parents. This spirituality diversity from early on has influenced her respect for multi-faith understanding and dialogue, encompassing many types of meditation and centering prayer. She has been actively practicing meditation for over 25 years. Her study of meditation has taken her to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Her present teacher is Venerable Sona, the Abbott of Birken Forest (Buddhist) Monastery located in Kamloops, BC. Sharon also works as Certified Professional Life Coach and mentor to high risk youth. She has been inspiring people to explore their spirituality for many years. She is honoured to be holding a sacred space for those who wish to find calmness and peace in their lives.

Feel free to call Sharon at 250-558-9032 or email humandynamics@shaw.ca to ask questions about the meditation class.